Our company goals

Optimum quality and service, committed employees and safe work conditions are our key factors for a promising future.


GütesiegelSatisfied customers

It is our goal to deliver products to our customers in the best possible quality at agreed deadlines.

Safe working conditions

Occupational safety is a company goal at par with all other goals. Safety has always top priority.

FMA Ullrich has made a commitment to turn work and health protection into a permanent company goal.

Continuous improvement

By continuously improving all work steps we can reduce the risk of breakdowns, hazardous situations and work accidents considerably.

Environmental protection

For us, environmental protection and economical use of natural resources are also among our company goals.
Our loading silo plants featuring long-term storage are a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.


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e-mail: fma@fma-ullrich.de


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our goals

With our welding certificate against DIN EN 1090-2 EXC 2 we guarantee for a steel work in first class quality. The supervision of our welding quality by ultrasonic testing method against DIN EN ISO 9712 and DIN EN ISO 17640 can also be provided as an external service by our certified engineers.